Technological Leadership

Shtang's approach to the selection of processes for wastewater treatment is based on a careful study of the required effluent quality standards, land availability, cost recovery potential, and the capability of local organizations and institutions to operate and maintain the plants.
Unlike many other companies, Shtang is not tethered to a single type of treatment. Our experience encompasses most types of technology used in wastewater treatment, from the ubiquitous Conventional Activated Sludge, to the state-of-the-art up-to-the-minute, Multi Stage Biological Systems, which reduce excess sludge by 90%, via Sequenced Batch Reactors, Membrane Bio Reactors and more.
Whether planting geophytes in constructed wetlands; installing an ATAD system for sludge treatment - a method based on auto-thermophilic, aerobic digestion, which uses bacteria to digest the sludge automatically with zero chemicals and zero energy for heating – or constructing tertiary treatment solutions using pressure filters and gravity sand filters to provide effluent suitable for unlimited irrigation, Shtang is always at the forefront of our field's technological advances.
Constructing both aerobic and anaerobic sludge treatment systems, some of which produce energy (both heat and electricity), we see no limit to the technological prowess of our engineers and project managers.