Cross Israel Highway

Cross Israel Highway
Sorek interchange to Maachaz interchange
Road 6 is Israel's largest road project and a pioneering one in many ways: from being the first ever toll road, to its design as the most ecologically-forward transportation project to date.
The goal of the rehabilitation project was to limit damage to the fabric of the landscape and restore the landscape to its state prior to the construction of the road, whether this landscape was of an agricultural, urban or natural character.
The Challenge
Many challenges were to be met during the project's implementation, staring with its sheer unprecedented scope, via the collection of seeds from wild flowers, work with treated wastewater, adherence to strict specifications and coordinating with the extremely tight schedules of the earthworks, roads and bridge contractors.
The Solution
The Green Way carried out this first-of-its-kind project, by training teams to reclaim land, to design and install irrigation systems – including main piping and drips – flow control systems, water chlorination systems, supply and planting of flowers, trees and shrubs and the rehabilitation of rivers.
A special scheme was set up to remove geophytes, bulbs, tubers and wildflower seeds from the site, store them in special nurseries – frozen or in dormant – and finally – years later – to regenerate them, sprout and plant them, thus restoring nature to its previous state.
Cross Israel Highway Company Ltd.
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