Ad Halom Interchange

Ad Halom Interchange
Ad Halom Interchange
The Ad Halom interchange project mandated a great deal of destruction to the natural habitat in the area. Fauna and Flora were removed and vast changes were made to the surroundings. The rehabilitation project was designed to prevent such damage and to restore the landscape to its initial state within the confines of budgetary constraints.
The Challenge
The area contained not only natural habitats, but also urban landscape and even agricultural land. All these had to be restored, while adhering to strict specifications; under stringent quality control and coordinating with the extremely tight schedules of the earthworks, roads and bridge contractors.
The Solution
The Green Way carried out various types of work, coordinating among earth works, supply of gardening soil,  land preparation, design and installation of irrigation systems – including main piping and drips – flow control systems,  supply and planting of flowers, trees and shrubs, the rehabilitation of the Lachish river and more.
Netivei Israel Ltd.
Ecological rehabilitation and landscape restoration works on roads and the interchange.
Green Way