Shtang Construction & Engineering

About The Company
Shtang Construction and Engineering Ltd. is one of the oldest and most stable construction and infrastructure development companies in Israel, leading many national projects over the years.
From developing infrastructure and building housing for a nascent Israel almost a century ago, the company expanded its activities and capabilities, and over the years positioned itself as the market leader in developing infrastructure for sewage and fresh water management, providing solutions for the most complex problems in different fields of civil engineering, using the most advanced and innovative technologies.
In October 2009 the company merged with The Green Way Ltd. as part of a strategic move to become the leading business group in green infrastructure and sustainable development in Israel.
Recently Shtang has concentrated on large national projects: building wastewater treatment plants, laying and restoring main sewage pipelines using advanced (Trenchless) technologies, as well as restoring historical compounds.
Shtang carries out EPC projects, Design-Build, BOT, DBOT and O&M projects. The company has financial solidity, licenses and contracting classifications to execute projects in all fields and with unlimited scopes and sizes, and collaborative agreements with world leading infrastructure companies.
Shtang’s tradition of strict working and safety procedures, a dynamic and up-to-date ethical code, sustainability principles and strict quality policy has led to a long-lasting market leadership. Experience in infrastructure projects such as highways, where state-of-the-art landscape rehabilitation along with erosion control techniques were applied has helped the company secure a venerable position among Israeli infrastructure companies.
Shtang provides government entities, municipalities, local councils and the private sector, state-of-the-art WwTPs, tailoring the selected technology to each individual project. Whether using Activated Sludge, SBR, MBR, MSBS and other cutting-edge technologies, we design, build, operate and maintain the most efficient solutions for wastewater treatment.
Shtang undertakes BOT, BOO, DBOT, PPP and various projects financed through innovative schemes. From simple recourse financing of Build, Operate, Transfer projects in Israel, to international non-recourse financing of mega-projects in Asia, using government subsidies, complex inter-bank loans and sovereign guarantees, Shtang can undertake any challenge to simplify and render financing available to infrastructure projects.
Our BOT and other PPP capabilities permit private and public clients to develop projects that do not burden their current budgets, leaving the financing, design, construction and operation to Shtang.