About Team

Harel Golst
Founder & President
Harel founded the TGW group in 1997 and has led it to become a multi-disciplinary business group and a main player on the Israeli market. Harel has led countless successful ventures in landscape, ecological rehabilitation, real-estate, wastewater and energy. He has helped shape the wastewater treatment market and has led the group from its inception to its position as the recognized leader in biological wastewater treatment in the country, building strategic relationships with contractors, designers and key market participants. A marathon runner and long-distance cycler at heart, Harel Golst is changing the ecological market for the long run, striving to bequeath a better world for future generations.
Guy Regev
Apart from his position of chairman of the board of directors, Guy also serves as CEO of Gaon Holdings Group, a publicly traded company that specializes in providing solutions for managing, monitoring and controlling the supply and conveyance of water, gas and liquid to municipal and industrial organizations in Israel and abroad. It is also a partner in the AquAgro venture capital fund, which invests in start-ups in the fields of water and renewable energy. Previously, Guy has served as the CEO of Shaked Global Group, a privately held equity investment firm established to provide value added capital to environmental related companies and technologies, and as a commercial VP in the Shikun&Binui Group. Guy holds an LLB from the Ono Academic College and is a CPA with a BA in business management and accounting from the Ramat-Gan Management College.
Omri Kochba
CEO Shtang Construction & Engineering
As an infantry colonel in the IDF, Omri commanded hundreds of officers and soldiers and managed complex systems under harsh conditions and life-threatening situations. His military background prepared him well for his tasks as CEO of Shtang, where he previously held the positions of deputy CEO and project manager. Prior to his work with Shtang, Omri held the position of landscape construction division manager in The Green Way, and earlier still, he managed Mikud – a company charged by the government of setting up the border crossings between Israel and the Palestinian territories. Formerly, Omri managed the Ga'ash ready-made turf company, helping it reach today's status of market leader in turf production and supply. Omri also successfully managed the distribution of Ha'ir newspaper for several years before aiming his talents at the environmental market. Omri holds a BA in Business Administration from the Ruppin Academic Center and an MA in Military Forces & Strategy from the Bar-Ilan University.
Yariv Eldar
VP International
Yariv is a senior business development and marketing expert with experience ranging from water and wastewater, through infrastructure, environmental services and landscape. Yariv has successfully lead business development efforts in four continents over a span of 20 years, fostering business relationships and partnerships, leading M&A schemes and developing strategies to promote large-scale projects. He brings with him extensive experience of in managing marketing, BD and sales in multi-disciplinary companies such as Tahal Consulting Engineers, Arazoza Brothers and the Israel Land Development Company International. Yariv holds an M.A. and a B.A. in Applied Foreign Languages from the Human Sciences University of Strasbourg, France as well as a B.A. in English and English Literature from the same Alma Mater.
Ohad shked
Ohad is an active director in the TGW group and otherwise manages a family-owned investment fund, active in various fields. Ohad is also chairman of Shaked Global Group, a privately held equity investment firm established to provide value added capital to environmental related companies and technologies. In addition, Ohad is a co-founder of Brainnovations, a Launchpad program supporting early stage startups, as well as inventors and entrepreneurs with promising ideas,technologies and applications related to brain research. Ohad holds a BSc. in computer science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Itay Grinspan
Deputy CEO and CFO
Itay is a seasoned CFO and financial manager with over 15 years of experience in various financial positions in both private and publicly owned companies. Itay leads the TGW group in all financial and economic issues and has carried out countless, large-scale financing, accounting and tax transactions. Prior to joining TGW, Itay held the position of head controller in Zoco and its affiliate companies (CAT and others), where he directed the company audited reports, relations with banks and led an effort to define and develop work processes and systems, focusing on control measures. Itay has also held similar positions with Tnuva, Tiv Taam and the CPA firm of Leon Orlitzky. Itay is a certified public accountant and has completed his studies at the college of Ramat-Gan, Israel. .
Uri Danon
VP Logistics & Purchasing
Uri is a veteran logistics manger with decades of experience under his belt running and developing brands in the food industry. Uri managed vast systems of sales and logistics in Food Center, a supplier of branded foods to wholesalers and retailers, dealing with marketing, sales promotion, positioning and placement. Uri joined the purchasing department of TGW in 2009, and as the group developed and thrived, undertook responsibility for logistics. In 2011 Uri was named VP of Logistics and Purchasing and in this capacity manages a complex supply chain encompassing three continents.