A Commitment to the Principles of Sustainability

The TGW group of companies' commitment to the principles of sustainability is manifested in several ways:
Sustainability is at the heart of our operations, since we recycle wastewater on the one hand and use the effluent to irrigate, on the other hand. Nothing epitomizes sustainability more than the recycling and reuse of a pollutant, which we turn into a resource.
Furthermore, O&M's dedication to the environment and to sustainable practices is demonstrated in our striving to minimize energy consumption, our selection of vendors who are as committed as us and our constant quest for materials less harmful to the environment.
We aspire to use environmentally friendly materials. We use recycled materials whenever possible under the limitations of the quality standards of local regulations, which we are obligated to uphold, and we aspire to work only with suppliers that are committed to environmentally appropriate behavior. The company has an energy conservation policy with regards to greenhouse gas emissions and we’re committed to reducing the use of company vehicles as much as possible.