A Commitment to the Principles of Sustainability

The TGW group of companies' commitment to the principles of sustainability is manifested in several ways:
As a company that deals in land development we understand our responsibilities. We have made it our goal to minimize our influence and the influence of our suppliers on the environment as much as possible. We aspire to use environmentally friendly materials. We use recycled materials whenever possible under the limitations of the quality standards of local regulations, which we are obligated to uphold, and we aspire to work only with suppliers that are committed to environmentally appropriate behavior. The company has an energy conservation policy with regards to greenhouse gas emissions and we’re committed to reducing the use of company vehicles as much as possible.
Leading landscape rehabilitation and ecological restoration in Israel, The Green Way helps to secure biodiversity and to relieve pressures placed on remnant vegetation by encroaching urban expansion, striving to minimize the disturbance of infrastructure works to the surroundings. 
Use of natural flora to control erosion, rehabilitation of wild animal habitats, transfer of plants that are planned for re-planting within the project area at a later stage, are all part of the mitigation process. When necessary, plants are reproduced and multiplied in order to achieve better proliferation. Our teams labors diligently on the gathering of seeds of wild flowers and other plants in order to conserve the natural vegetation and return as many of the same-species plants to the project.
Irrigation is minimized, using native plants in most projects, to reduce water use and remain faithful to nature.