A Commitment to the Principles of Sustainability

The TGW group of companies' commitment to the principles of sustainability is manifested in several ways:
As a company that deals in land development we understand our responsibilities. We have made it our goal to minimize our influence and the influence of our suppliers on the environment as much as possible. We aspire to use environmentally friendly materials. We use recycled materials whenever possible under the limitations of the quality standards of local regulations, which we are obligated to uphold, and we aspire to work only with suppliers that are committed to environmentally appropriate behavior. The company has an energy conservation policy with regards to greenhouse gas emissions and we’re committed to reducing the use of company vehicles as much as possible.
All company employees go through trainings, and each project manager must present a plan to reduce negative influences on the environment during the work on their project – to which he commits and on which he is measured.
We believe that a leading company must create the reality of the future. Shtang Construction and Engineering is the only infrastructure company that was a founding member of the Israel Green Building Council, http://www.ilgbc.org, and we are currently members of the managing committee of the organization, which is currently leading the development of the green construction field in Israel. The Israeli council is the local branch of the world council, http://www.worldgbc.org, which is the world leader in green construction. Our representatives have made substantial contributions to the development and design of the vision and goals of the organization, and took part in developing the Israeli green construction rating tool, developing green building training and courses, and promoting green construction regulation and legislation.