About The Company

Founded in 1997, The Green-Way Ltd. has become the top landscape, ecological rehabilitation and site development company in Israel, with over 150 professional agronomists, landscape designers, engineers and gardeners. The Green Way is the largest contractor of major public landscape rehabilitation projects, and is the horticulture contractor for development and maintenance projects in major municipalities. The Green Way has also gained extensive knowledge and experience in design and implementation of water management aspects, such as irrigation systems and water reuse systems. 
Based on its strong project management capabilities and solid financial support, the Company’s vision is to maintain its position as the Israeli market leader, and attain a global position as a landscape development and maintenance, and water management solutions provider.
Landscape Rehabilitation
Landscape rehabilitation is a growing market in Israel and worldwide, as part of a global trend of increased public awareness to environmental issues. The Green Way’s rehabilitation segments include infrastructure, such as interurban roads and railroads, landfills, quarries and water streams. Landscape rehabilitation includes restoration of wild life and wild vegetation and erosion control solutions, such as maintenance of embankments, slow-down of runoffs and prevention of rock fall and landslides on roadways. 
The Company gained much of its experience in infrastructure projects such as highways, where state-of-the-art landscape rehabilitation along with erosion control techniques were applied.
Landscape Development
The Green Way offers municipalities an array of services that include development and design of urban and commercial landscape projects, such as the establishment of parks, recreation sites, and sports fields, as well as the establishment of green areas in hospitals, universities, and other establishments. The Company analyses the area’s conditions prior to landscape design. Design includes vegetation, irrigation, pathways, playgrounds, and sports fields. The Company offers initial establishment and design, along with long-term maintenance and management of the area. 
Irrigation Systems Solutions
The Green Way has gained extensive experience in designing, implementing and maintaining smart and highly efficient irrigation systems. The Company has been engaging with the leading irrigation systems suppliers to provide the most suitable solutions, using both fresh water and treated effluent.