Farod Wastewater Treatment Plant

Farod Wastewater Treatment Plant
Faroud, Israel
Until the beginning of 2014 Farod reservoir received wastewater from Shefer, Amirim, Ein El Asad and surrounding settlements, which underwent primary treatment only, and were used for agriculture. Shtang was tasked by the neighboring local councils with modernizing the treatment to tertiary level and operating the new plant during the coming years.
The challenge 
The selected treatment method called for continuous feed of sewage and a batch output of effluent. The sludge was to be treated to class A level in an efficient manner and equipment manufactured in the US and built according to US standards, were to be integrated with the Israeli-standard system and with a state-of-the-art ATAD sludge treatment system.
The Solution
Shtang constructed a complex CSBR wastewater treatment plant that ensured on demand batch treatment with uninterrupted inflow. Shtang suggested the ATAD system for sludge treatment: a method based on auto-thermophilic, aerobic digestion, which uses bacteria to digest the sludge automatically with zero chemicals and zero energy for heating. The use of the ATAD system will save significant costs to the owners of the plant, but will require professionalism and high-level maintenance and operations from Shtang for years to come. 
In order to integrate the Xylem-made diffuser system with the Israel Electric Company standards and with the ATAD system, Shtang needed to make us of innovative solutions such as high-accuracy cement erections, light steel structures and various adaptations in the flow and the control systems.
In spite of the complexities of the project, which included tertiary pressure sand filters, Shtang completed all works three months ahead of schedule.

4,200 m3\day (1.1 MGD)

June 2014