Green Way

The Green Way

Founded in 1997, The Green-Way Ltd. has become the top landscape, ecological rehabilitation and site development company in Israel, with over 150 professional agronomists, landscape designers, engineers and gardeners. The Green Way is the largest contractor of major public landscape rehabilitation projects, and is the horticulture contractor for development and maintenance projects in major municipalities.

A Commitment to the Principles of Sustainability

As a company that deals in land development we understand our responsibilities. We have made it our goal to minimize our influence

Commitment to Safety and Quality

We believe that safety is above all else and we are constantly working to incorporate this way of thinking as part of our managerial culture

TGW Statement of Ethics

TGW believes the end does not always justify the means. In this respect, we hold ourselves to a high ethical standard of honesty, responsibility and respect. We aspire to the following resolutions

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    Location: Holon

    Customer: Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd.


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